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Toyota Supra night at the Ace Cafe

Toyota Supra night at the Ace Cafe
George Trout
  • On June 25, 2014

In our second trip to the Ace Café in London this week,  my personal favourites – The Mk4 Toyota Supra Owners Club turned out at the Ace Café on Monday evening – much to my excitement.


All variations, from the non-turbo model to stock twin turbo’s and of course the big singles were all on show, some insured here with Safely Insured too! Check out my blog entry for Michael’s Yellow Supra – hiding at the back of the picture above.



As the sun set of our capital, I found myself looking over the cars with the same affection that made me buy one many years ago, I learnt an awful lot about the amazing 2JZ engines during my ownership but also recalled how friendly and helpful the owners club have always been to me both personally and professionally.


It all made me feel very nostalgic, I do miss my old Supra….


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