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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Safely Insured | January 22, 2022

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This 695BHP, 3.8 litre, V6 Twin Turbo Nissan GT-R belongs to Alan!

This 695BHP, 3.8 litre, V6 Twin Turbo Nissan GT-R belongs to Alan!
Sophie Cloud
  • On August 4, 2017

Now, there’s really not much that needs to be said for this Nissan GT-R. The car, quite literally, speaks for itself. The look, the style, the power, the modifications, the carbon-fibre, the LOT…

It belongs to our customer, Alan. It has won various prizes as well as wooing the hearts of many who have had the opportunity to see the car in person. It’s kind of like the car version of Tom Hardy!

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature a car as incredible as this Nissan GT-R. That’s why we got in contact with Alan. We present to you: the modifications it has, the questions and answered we asked him, and all of the behind the scenes detail.

Modified Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Here’s a list of the modifications that Alan’s Nissan GT-R has…


  • Litchfield Stage 4.25 Upgrade: Dyno’d at 695bhp / 626lbft
  • 1,100cc Fuel Injectors
  • Large Bore performance Forge intake kit with larger MAF housing
  • ECUtec ECU
  • Litchfield 102mm Full Exhaust System
  • Litchfield Race Intercooler
  • Litchfield Blow off valves
  • Litchfield Throttle Bodies
  • Litchfield Downpipes
  • Forge Header Tank


  • Alcon Super Brake Kit
  • Pagid PS29 Brake Pads

Suspension / Handling

  • Airlift Performance Suspension
  • Eibach Anti Roll Bars


  • AG Carbon Fibre 421 wheels with Neochrome Hardware 20/10 Front 20/12 Rear
  • Michelin Power Super Sport Tyres 285/35/20 Front 335/30/20 Rear


  • ADV1 10MV2SL with Candy Red Barrel 20/10 Front 20/11 Rear
  • Michelin Power Super Sports Tyres 275/35/20 Front 305/30/20 Rear
  • Muteki SR35 Neochrome Wheel Nuts


  • Mines Steering Wheel
  • Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel Cover
  • JCR Carbon Fibre Shift Paddles
  • Revosport Carbon Gear Knob
  • Custom Carbon Fibre Interior Trim: Air Con Vents, Centre Console, Large Gear Surround, MFD Surround, Window Switch Control, Mirror Switch Control, Door Lock, Door Vent, Door Pull, Speaker Surrounds Front & Back, Cup Holder Surround, Rear Cup Holder Surround
  • Custom Alcantara: Re-trimmed Door Cards, Door Handles, Dash Panel, Speedo Cover, Centre Tunnel, Sub Surround, Rear Quarter Panel, Parcel Shelf, Headliner, A Pillars with Custom Tweeter Mount, B Pillars, Handbrake Handle, Handbrake Gaiter, Gear Surround, Gear Knob, Sun Visors
  • Recaro Seat Sliders
  • Custom Alcantara / Leather Re-trimmed Recaro Sportster CS Seats
  • Rear Seats to match Fronts
  • Custom Carbon for Recaro CS Sportster Seat Shell and Trim
  • Planted Seat Frames
  • Red Seatbelts Front & Back
  • LED Upgrade for Interior Lighting
  • LED Lighting for Foot Wells
  • Custom Alcantara Panel for Accuair, Target Blu & Audison DRC controls

Nissan GT-R


  • Expel Matte PPF over real carbon fibre bodywork with Dark Grey Vinyl Rear Quarter
  • Carbon Fibre: Roof, Door Handles, Bonnet Damper, Slam Panel Surround & Intercooler Intake, Rear Diffuser, Front Splitter, Side Skirts, Grille, Fender Vents, Front Fender Logo Holders,, Engine Cover, Rear Spoiler, Front Wings, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Doors, Bonnet, Boot Lid, Mirrors, Canards
  • LED DRL Indicators
  • Difflow Rear Diffuser
  • All Bulbs Upgraded to LED
  • LED Rear Reflectors
  • Tommy Kiara LED Rear GTR Emblem
  • Window Tints
  • Litchfield Stainless Steel Under Tray Bolts
  • Neochrome Titanium Engine Dress Up Kit


  • Audison BitPlay HD
  • Audison BitOne D Processor
  • Audison Voce 5.1K Amp
  • Audison Voce Speakers all round
  • Kicker 8” L7 Subwoofer
  • Fully Sound Deadened

Nissan GT-R

Boot (install by Plush Automotive)

  • Custom Carbon 5-Gallon Tank for Air Suspension
  • Accuair eLevel Management
  • Accuair iLevel
  • 2 x ViaCorp 444C Compressors
  • Custom Chrome Hardline Install
  • LED Lit Display for Air & Audio
  • Custom Carbon Surround

Q&A with Alan

  1. When did you first discover you had an interest in cars?

I’ve always been interested in cars, since before I could drive. Anything involving adrenaline peaked my interest.

  1. What was the first car you ever owned?

My very first car was a Mk5 Ford Escort. Although, it was bound for the scrap yard and probably should have went there, but I loved it back then.

  1. What garages do you use to perform the work on your car?

Litchfield Motorsport do all the tuning for the car, whilst Protek Bathgate and PTW Detailing look after the bodywork and detailing.

  1. Are you attending any car shows in 2017?

I’ve attended a few shows this year; I work a lot of weekends so often miss out. I travelled to the European tuning showdown, which is ‘a best of Europe’ car show. I placed 5th against some pretty crazy show cars – not bad for a daily!

  1. Has your car ever been featured in any magazines / online forums?

The car has been shared on various forums / Facebook groups. It’s also had a feature in Banzai Magazine, just after the carbon bodywork went on.

  1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to modify their car for the first time?

Budget and save! A few little things quickly add up to a whole lot of cash. But mostly, modify it for yourself – do what you like and what you think will work. It also takes time, it’s taken me just over 3 years to go from bone stock to where it stands now.

  1. If money was no option what car would you buy?

So many too choose from, I think I’d have a Mclaren 675lt, with the full carbon works and some special MSO paint. Because, why not?

  1. If you could pick a career that involved cars, what would it be?

It would have to be something involved with drifting. I’ve actually got another car for drifting, and it’s as much fun as the GT-R – any day.

  1. Do you have any plans to further modify your car?

Yes, maybe some more power and there is always room for some more carbon fibre. But, for now, I’m happy. I’ve got another project car on the go at the minute, so that’s keeping me busy.

Nissan GT-R

Insurance for a modified Nissan GT-R

A car such as Alan’s Nissan GT-R, is so highly modified and has so much power, that it requires a specialist insurance policy. A policy which covers every single modification and has the ability to offer things such as ‘like-for-like’ modifications cover, or ‘agreed valuation’ cover.

Here at Safely Insured, we can offer both Modified Car Insurance and Performance Car Insurance. If you want to know more about the specifics, just visit our website.

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