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A Guide to Getting a Black Box Policy With Safely Insured

A Guide to Getting a Black Box Policy With Safely Insured
Tina Playle
  • On November 28, 2017

Passing your driving test is often seen as the first step to independence, so why not take the next one by sorting out your own car insurance?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking to mum and dad for help when it comes to something you don’t know anything about, we don’t blame you! The insurance industry is full of confusing jargon that will make you want to take a back seat on the entire process.

But here at Safely Insured, we want to break everything down so the owner of the insurance, you, know exactly what you’re getting from us. We’ve broken down each step, so not only can you find your own way to getting insured for the first time, but also understand your policy.


Check out this info-graphic which breaks down the main steps of getting a Black Box policy with us:

A Guide to Getting a Black Box Policy With Safely Insured

Get a Black Box Quote

The great thing about this first step, is that you can do it before you even passed your driving test. This is the time to pin point what you want from an insurance policy. Car insurance for young drivers is known for being pricey, so why not weigh up your options?

Black Box policies are for drivers who want to prove they can drive sensibly in order to reduce the price of their renewal premium. Basically, this means that after a year of your insurance company monitoring your driving data, they will be able to offer a price for your insurance policy based on the way you drive. If you drive responsibly, you’ll be viewed as a safer driver and could be paying a lot less for your insurance the following year.

You can also shop around for quotes if you know what kind of car you’ll be looking to get when you pass, which will give you a good idea of the prices you’ll be paying when you pass.

With Safely Insured, you can get a quick quote in less than 30 seconds, just by entering a few pieces of information. We don’t have hidden charges, this quote includes installation fee of the Black Box.

Click here find out how much a Black Box policy with Safely Insured would be

Make the call

After getting a quote with Safely Insured, you have the option to call us directly about your quote, request a call back or email the quote to yourself and come back later.

In order to give you a price in such a short amount of time, we can only give an estimate. We would need to speak to you on the phone to find out more details about yourself to give you an accurate price. This means your final price could be slightly different from the one you got from your quick quote. The chat will include details about your excess amount, mileage and additional driver information.

Here’s a few definitions to help you out before the call:

Excess: This is the amount of money you would be required to pay towards a claim that you make on your insurance policy. For example, if your excess is £500 and you have an accident, you would have to pay £500 towards the claim and your insurance would cover the rest.

Mileage: You will need to give a rough estimate of miles you will need for the year. This sounds difficult but it can be easy to work out if you know your daily routine! Just calculate how much you would use in a typical day (including any journeys to and from college or work) and our team can help you work out the rest!

Additional Driver: Our team will ask you about whether you’d like to add an additional driver, meaning that you can still be the main driver, but someone else can be covered to drive your car. We advise adding a more experienced driver such as mum or dad as a named driver. This could reduce the risk of your policy, which may alter the final price. Please note, you will need to know their details if you plan to add them to your policy.

Remember, the only way to get an accurate price is to speak to one of our team directly.


With a Safely Insured Black Box policy, you’ll have the option to pay all at once or throughout the year in instalments by a finance agreement/loan. The best thing to do is think about your own situation and what would work best for you. You’ll be able to pay over the phone with our team.

Black Box Installation

During the phone call with our team, we will arrange for a time for someone to come and install your Black Box. You can drive as soon as you have you have purchased your policy, however, please keep in mind that your excess is doubled until the Black Box is installed, so drive safe!

Receive Personal Dashboard Log in

When you have purchased your policy, you would have been sent an email with your log in details to your own personal driving dashboard. This will show your driving data as soon as your Black Box is installed.

Here, you’ll be able to see an individual score based on your speed, acceleration, braking, mileage and time of day, all of which count towards your final score. You can then use this data to improve your driving score which can lead to a reduction in your renewal premium!

Nobody expects you to be an insurance expert, so don’t worry if this process seems intimidating! If you’re interested in getting a Black Box policy with Safely Insured, we have a dedicated young driver team to take it step by step with you. Since you’re committing to a year long policy, we want you to know all the details so you’re not left in the dark!

Further Information

Our main priority is to keep you safe so you can pay less. To read about more perks of our Black Box Policies, please see our other articles below:

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You can also request a free Young and Learner Drivers Insurance guide, which explains everything you need to know about Young Drivers Insurance, including Black Box and Telematics explained.

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