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Craig's Ford Focus RS was featured at the London Motor Show 2018

Craig’s Ford Focus RS was featured at the London Motor Show 2018
Sophie Cloud
  • On May 23, 2018

Did you attend the London Motor Show 2018? If so, it would have been hard to miss Craig’s modified Ford Focus RS. Craig’s car is currently running at an extremely impressive 670bhp and 702 ft-lb torque. We’ll discuss more about Craig’s Ford Focus RS and the modification work later, first – let’s provide an overview of the London Motor Show 2018.

The London Motor Show 2018

The London Motor Show 2018 took place at the ExCel London from 17th-20th May 2018. Some big brands attended the show to exhibit, such as: Bentley, Rolls Royce, H.R.Owen and Drivetribe.

The entertainment on the day was second to none… A company called ‘Dub Customs’ live wrapped Paul Wallace’s Mercedes. Paul Swift’s team thrilled audiences with sideways parking, ‘dance’ routines, and some two-wheel driving (using the latest Ford cars). Mercedes-Benz World’s ‘Silver Arrows’ performed some spectacular driving techniques and skills for their display. Mercedes-Benz also held an event for people under 17 to get behind the wheel of a car for the first time, how cool is that?

As well as the exhibitors and entertainment, there were a lot of modified cars on display – Craig’s Ford Focus RS being one of them. Craig happens to be one of our customers. We took the opportunity to speak with Craig about the excitement of the day, as well as about the modifications on his car…

London Motor Show 2018 - Ford Focus RS - 4

Craig’s Ford Focus RS

London Motor Show 2018 - Ford Focus RS - 5

Can you guess just how many modifications have been added to Craig’s Ford Focus RS? Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to guess. We’re going to provide you with an overview of the work.

Here’s a list of the modifications:

  • Running EMU Engine Management
  • Airtec Stage 3 Intercooler
  • Garret GTX3586R Turbo
  • Bigger Exhaust housing on Turbo
  • Tubular Manifold
  • 3J Platted Diff
  • Uprated Valve Springs
  • Oversized Forged Pistons and Rods
  • Monkeywrench Bespoke Lights
  • Ported, Polished and Gas Flowed Head
  • NGK9 Spark Plugs
  • Billet Anembo Inlet Manifold
  • JS 1000cc Injectors
  • JS Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Uprated and Oversized Valves
  • JS Big External Fuel System
  • JS 2.5 Enlarged Boost Pipes
  • Custom JS Side Exit Exhaust
  • V-Band Downpipe
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • TTV Twin Plate Paddle Clutch
  • JS Custom Big Crossover Pipe
  • BC Racing Coilovers
  • Momo Snap off Steering Wheel
  • Whiteline Front and Rear anti-roll bars
  • Whiteline Full Poly Bush Kit
  • AP Racing 6Pot Brake Kit
  • Ferodo Indurance Pads
  • Pair of Seat Harnesses
  • Vibratechnics Gearbox Torque Link
  • 18″ Compomotive Alloys & AD08R Tyres
  • JS Oil Breather Kit
  • JS Oil Cooler
  • 44M Tial Wastegate
  • Screamer Pipe
  • Uprated Bigger Radiator
  • Stage 2 CAMS
  • Autospecialist Chrome Parts
  • Carbon Fibre Battery Cover
  • Ramair Bigger Airfilter
  • Carbon Fibre Slampanel
  • Carbon Fibre Wing Rails
  • WRC Bonnet Vents
  • Streamline Carbon Interior
  • Custom Wrap by Blueprint
  • Roose Boost and Coolant Hoses
  • Jamsport Orange Roll Cage
  • Leightweight Carbon Bucket Seats
  • Roof Wrapped by Blue Print
  • Aerocatches
  • ARP Uprated Head Bolts
  • Custom Boot Carpet by Streamline
  • BTCC Front Bumper and Wings
  • All work carried out by JAM-SPORT and Autospecialists

We asked Craig what his favourite thing about the car is:

“I’ve owned my 2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2 since 2009. What I love about my car is the way it can be a daily car on the road but when I take it on track, it comes alive with all the mods that have been carried out on it. I simply love parking her up at meets and cruises – I like seeing the reactions of people that are looking at the car.”

London Motor Show 2018 - Ford Focus RS - 2

We also asked Craig what he thought of the motor show:

“The London Motor Show 2018 was such an amazing opportunity to display my car. My car was on display for the duration of the show. The car received a lot of attention and lots of nice comments, which of course made me happy. There were so many other amazing cars on show at the ExCel too, which is a great venue by the way.”

London Motor Show 2018 - Ford Focus RS - 3

To read more about the show, visit the London Motor Show website.

Insurance for a Ford Focus RS

A Ford Focus RS comes with more power than a standard Ford. Especially when you add modifications to it. As a result, many standard car insurers won’t cover this type of car.

Here at Safely Insured, we’re Modified Car Insurance specialists – many of us are car enthusiasts ourselves! We offer Modified Car Insurance policies which can offer things such as ‘agreed valuation cover’ and ‘like-for-like modifications cover’.

For more information, visit our Modified Car Insurance webpage.

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