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Safely Insured Car Club Scheme

Safely Insured Car Club Insurance Scheme has been running successfully over the past few years, gaining momentum and expertise. Through our experience in the Car Club market, we have;

  • developed a 'tailor-made' insurance policy suited for car club members
  • negotiated a significant premium discount for club members
  • trained all our staff to a high level with an understanding of Car Club requirements
  • developed a dedicated Car Club Scheme department
  • the ability to allocate each club a specific Car Club Scheme Liaison

How To Apply

If you would like to be affiliated with our Car Club Scheme, so your members can enjoy the benefits of this scheme, please email [email protected] or call 03303 331 251 with the following details;

  • Car Club name
  • Contact name
  • How long the club has been running
  • Number of members
  • Contact phone number or preferred email address

We are looking for well run, active Car Clubs with responsible members. We will contact you shortly to discuss setting up the affiliation.

Our reputation has led to some of the UK's Premier Car Clubs selecting us as their official insurance provider.

Already a car club member? Call us to obtain a discounted quotation.