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First Car Insurance

At Safely Insured, we have set up a number of specialist schemes with insurers to provide young drivers with a great First Car Insurance policy.

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Whether you want to insure your car whilst you learn, or are looking for insurance once you’ve passed your test, we can help.

The schemes available are for:

  • Short Term Car Insurance (provisional licence)
  • Annual Car Insurance (provisional licence or full licence)

Before you’ve passed your Driving Test…

Some people buy their first car before they pass their driving test. In fact, a lot of people are opting to do this as opposed to wait until after they have passed. This also means they can practice outside of their driving lessons, to have more of a chance of passing first time.

That is where learner driver insurance comes into the equation. You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the insurance policy you require:

Annual Learner Driver Insurance

We can offer Annual Learner Driver cover with the following benefits:

  • Annual Policy
  • Can start on a provisional licence holder basis and continue onto a full licence holder basis
  • Opportunity to start earning your own 'No Claims Bonus'
  • Available for people between the ages of 17-25

Short-term Learner Driver Insurance (own car)

This policy is also an add-on policy. The car must already be insured. You can have cover from 28 days up to 140 days. This policy is available for ages 17-40.

For all information relating to short-term car insurance, please visit our sister site:

After you’ve passed your Driving Test…

Once you have passed your driving test you will need to inform us of this immediately. If you have a policy that converts to a full licence holder policy, then we will do this for you (however you will still need to notify us of passing your driving test). If you do not have a policy that converts over, we will be able to set-up a new policy, with you as a full licence holder.

Speak with one of our First Car Insurance specialists when setting up your policy.

Black Box Car Insurance

Black Box Car Insurance involves a little ‘black box’ being fitted to your car, more often than not, it will be placed underneath your dashboard. This then measures and records your data to pass on to the insurer. You can logi-in online anytime and view your own Personal Online Dashboard. The information used will not be given to any third party. This type of insurance enables you to get on the road and start proving you are a good driver. The more you prove you are a capable driver, the less of a 'risk' insurers will see you as.

For more information, read our ‘Black Box Insurance – How Much Can It Save You?’ blog post. Or, you can visit our website.

Recommended Cars to Insure for New Drivers

When looking for a first car, it’s always good to research various cars first. This is so you can obtain different feedback on different cars and work out which are cheaper to insure than others.

Through our own research, we have decided what we think are the most popular cars for first cars. Here are the results for the top First Car Options:

  • Renault Clio
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Ford Fiesta

Generally, hatchbacks are great for first cars. They are less of a risk to insurers and providing they are not sport editions such as the Vauxhall Corsa VXR, most insurers will be happy to provide cover.

The Insurance Group rating is also lower on these types of cars, which takes into account all sorts of factors such as; repair costs, repair times, engine size and so on. The lower the insurance group generally means the lower the cost of insurance.

We provide more information in our blog post: 'Recommended Cars for New Drivers'. Read an extract here:

"The popular cars of choice for new drivers are hatchbacks. This is because a lot of models within the hatchback ‘category’ are much cheaper to insure than say, a saloon or SUV. It’s always important to check out the technical specification of the car you’re looking to buy in addition to its insurance group rating."

We're here to help...

If you're in need of further information or would like some advice, call the team today and speak with one of our specialist First Car Insurance advisors.

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best engine sizes for a first car?

    Generally, 1.0 - 1.4 litre cars are great for your first car. They contain less power than a sports car and are cheaper to insure.

  • What is an insurance group rating?

    Each car will be classified with a number between 1-50 which will reflect their 'Insurance Group Rating'. The higher the number, the higher the cost of insurance. The rating is based on a number of factors such as repair costs, repair times and parts costs. For your first car, it would be beneficial to choose a car with a low insurance group rating.

  • In what circumstance would short-term insurance be beneficial?

    If you already have your first car but you have not passed your driving test yet, taking out short-term insurance will enable you to be able to practice out on the road, before actually taking your test.

  • When can I start to build up my No Claims Bonus (NCB)?

    It will vary from insurer to insurer ,however, with some of the schemes we offer, your NCB can start to build up from the date you take the policy out, regardless as to whether or not you are a full licence holder or a provisional licence holder. Speak to our Frist Car Insurance specialists and they will be able to advise you of the option's available.