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Customer Car of the Year 2019 Competition WINNER: Paul`s Modified MK5 Ford Mondeo

Author: Tina Playle
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With a staggering 496 votes, we are delighted to announce Paul's modified MK5 Ford Mondeo is the winner of the 2019 Customer Car of the Year!

Congratulations to Paul and huge thank you to everyone that entered this year - we loved seeing your stunning cars as usual. Click here to the full results of the competition.

Now it's time to chat to the owner of our new Customer Car of the Year, Paul, to find out more about him and his beloved Ford Mondeo.


Paul's MK5 Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 EcoBoost: The Modifications:

Remapped to 280BHP and 400 torque by AmD tuning.

High-flow cold air intake system

Steeda Cat-back exhaust system manufactured by Magnaflow

Steeda progressive rate lowering springs

Steeda rear anti-roll bar

OZ Racing Leggera HLT 20” alloys

Steeda graphics.

Q and A with Paul

Give us some background on your car – what is it, how long have you owned it and what made you want to buy it?

The car is a MK 5 Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 EcoBoost which was modified by Steeda UK in 2016. Originally we had been looking at Mustangs, my wife Tracey spotted this Mondeo for sale on Steeda’s UK facebook page.

The car has similar looks to the Mustang, so I contacted Steeda to see if the car was still for sale and we arranged to meet up at South Mimms service station for a test drive. We were the first to arrive and quickly noticed a ruby red Mondeo entering the car park. The car instantly had presence and attracted a lot of attention. The look, handling and power plus the fact it is a unique, one of a kind Mondeo made us buy it.

What does is feel like to win Customer Car of the Year 2019?

We meet a lot of car enthusiasts and they know their modified cars, so it feels great that these people have taken a moment of their time to vote on our Mondeo. There were some truly great cars in the competition. The car will wear the title with pride at the show this year.

If you had to vote to one car other than yours in the competition, who would you vote for?

My vote would have been for the Sierra Cosworth without doubt.

How did you get into modifying the cars you’ve owned?

I used to have an XR3i back in the day and wanted it to be unique, so it started from there. I have always made my cars stand out a little, but with life responsibilities, you had to be sensible. My daughter is a petrol head and she that passion now with her Mondeo ST220.

You’ve got a background with Steeda UK – tell us a bit about that.

It started when we purchased the Mondeo, they were reluctant to sell the car. They are always about if you want to ask for advice on performance or handling upgrades, as Fords are their speciality. Just look at the new Bullitt Mustang. They invited us to be on their stand at Ford fair 2018. They are great team and always makes us feel welcome.

Do you use any groups or online forums to talk to fellow car enthusiasts?

I am on various facebook groups (Mondeo MK5, Unlimited fast fords southwest, Rolling Oval South East, Midlands Mondeo). Their help and advice is always helpful.

What’s your dream car?

Aston Martin DBS without a doubt.

What do you and your car get up to in your spare time? Do you go to car shows or racetracks?

It’s a weekend car so we make an excuse to travel to some place in the UK. Me and Tracey will fight to sit the drivers’ seat, as the Steeda Mondeo is joy to drive. We have been to Ford Fair Silverstone, Ford Power Brands Hatch, Ford UK, Ford on the fairway. This year we are going to Isle of Wight Takeover, Ford Power. I’m waiting for a cheeky invite to go round the grand tour, Top gear or Fifth gear track.

Any advice for first-time modifiers?

Make your car unique to you, do your research, take plenty of advice. Your car is your hobby as it will consume all your spare time. The result will be well worth it.

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