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Q & A with our customer and professional photographer Ollie

Author: Tina Playle
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If you’re a car enthusiast, chances are that your camera roll in your phone is generously filled with pictures of your pride and joy. Carrying around cameras in our pockets has made sharing snapshots of your car to forums or social media, easier than ever.

We’ve decided to pick the brains of one of our new customers, Ollie, who is both a car enthusiast and professional photographer.

Ollie has 6 years’ experience in photography and a stunning portfolio which includes a wide array of striking cars. We’re keen to find out a little bit more about Ollie and pick up a few tips on getting that perfect shot.

Congratulations on your new Safely Insured policy! Can we get some background about your car?

Make & Model: Volkswagen UP! GTi

Volkswagen image collage showing exterior, interior, and engine

Modifications: JBS Stage 1 remap (145bhp), Forge Motorsport induction and dump valve kit, Milltek Sport resonated cat-back, Cobra Nogaro bucket seats custom made, KW V1 Coilovers, OZ Racing Rally Racing wheels in Nankang NS2R tyres, Tarox Corsa brake pads.

Why do you love it?

It’s a car that proves you don’t need big power to enjoy the spirit of driving.  For a standard “GTi” model it was missing character.  Now with its modifications, it never fails to amaze people how capable this car is, especially when it’s put through its paces on the track.

I’ve always had a love for quirky/unique cars and I feel like this car falls under that, especially with its modifications as its always generated a talking point.

What’s your history with photography and how did you get started?

It all started when I got a camera gifted to me for my 18th birthday 7 years ago.  I’ve grown up with a passion for cars and just for pure joy I began photographing cars on locations and at events.  I’ve lived by trial and error and have always been eager to improve my capabilities.  I explored new techniques to generate my own identity to set me apart from photographers that were at a level where I wanted to be.

Blue Ford in a Car Park


RS-1 Car

We can see a lot of beautiful cars in your gallery of work, as well as photography on the track – what has drawn you into car photography?

The stories that come with vehicles.  There’s more to these cars than what we see at first.  When I get to the backbone story of why someone has customised / built their vehicle in the way they have, I always try to tell that story through picturing their pride and joys.  Therefore, the image set has a greater meaning.

What have been your favourite photography projects/who have been your favourite clients to work with?

I was previously employed by Milltek Sport as their Media executive.  We were in need of a vehicle to feature on our stand at The SEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas.  Earlier that year we sponsored a very popular FK8 Honda Civic Type R based in LA with a full Milltek Sport exhaust system.  When it came round to selecting the vehicles for the stand we thought the FK8 Type R was ideal. We got this FK8 Type R we sponsored on board for the show.  Two weeks before, Jonny, the owner of this car was unable to get the car down to the show due to packing a container that was travelling to New York the day we needed his help.

Jonny then asked me if I would like to drive the car across the desert to Las Vegas.  Obviously I took on this opportunity.  It worked out being ideal as I have family in LA. The car was with me the day before my 6am leave to Las Vegas.  Half way through the desert I stopped off for a photoshoot which was featured in Japanese Performance Magazine. After that it went straight into the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre for the show:

Can you share any photography tips with that would help our customer base's car photos stand out on social media?

It’s a very cluttered network.  With so many people with a camera at hand taking opportunities to photograph all things automotive does make it difficult to stand out.  My advice would be to never copy someone else’s style. Be yourself, try to be original. Use others work as inspiration and vision but always try to put your own twist on it. Then try to generate consistency with your photographic style to develop your own identity.

Work with Ollie

If someone wanted to book a photography session with you, how would they go about that?

Simply fill in the blanks on my ‘Contact’ page here:

If you’re interested in working with the very talented Ollie, please see the relevant links below.

Ollie’s Website | Ollie’s Facebook Page | Ollie’s Instagram

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