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Instagram Polls Results: This or That? Modified and Performance Edition

Author: Tina Playle
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As a community, there are some things we simultaneously agree on, and some things that we definitely do not. But we believe that is all part of the beauty of the car community. If everyone agreed on everything when it came to cars, it would most certainly get boring.

We decided to test some of the burning questions we had for the car loving community by hosting a series of polls on our Instagram page. The results surprised us at times! Let us have a look at what we found…

Cosmetic mods VS Performance mods

Instagram polls graphic: Cosmetic mods (19%) VS performance mods (81%)

This has been the age old debate for quite some time so we had to include it in our polls. We all love a technically sound car, but we also can’t stop our heads from turning when we see a visual showstopper.

However, in this poll, a whopping 321 people preferred performance mods over cosmetic ones. Not quite a landside though with 77 votes still coming through for cosmetic modifications! Maybe a balance of both is best.

Track day VS Road trip

Instagram polls graphic: Track day (29%) VS performance mods (71%)

With the current pandemic, we’re not surprised about these results. Staycations are all the rage this year. And what is better than owning a car that you have invested time, care, and money into? Driving that car all over the country of course!

Fresh tyres VS Engine Upgrade

Instagram polls graphic: Fresh tyres (30%) VS Engine upgrade (70%)

We got down to the specifics on this one. The fresh feeling of brand-new tyres or a performance enhancing engine upgrade? 257 people had their minds made up on this one!

Super cars VS Classic cars

Instagram polls graphic: Super car (51%) VS classics (49%)

This one was our most interesting polls… As car enthusiasts, we cannot stop our eyes wandering when we see a supercar drive down the street. But we also have a huge love for the one-of-a-kind classic cars out there. After all, they set the blueprint of so many fantastic cars we have around today!

Being maybe the most divisive vote since Brexit, super cars just about got the vote on this one!

Ferrari VS Lambo

Instagram polls graphic: Ferrari (29%) VS Lamborghini (71%)

Ferrari is pretty much a household name at this point, no matter if you are a car enthusiast or not. So, we’re a little surprised to see so many people prefer the Lamborghini over the Ferrari in this case!

Is the Ferrari somewhat overrated? Maybe we need to investigate this one…

Wash your car yourself VS Get someone else to

Instagram polls graphic: wash it yourself (78%) VS Get someone else to  (22%)

We know exactly how much effort our customers put into keeping their cars in pristine condition. So we were curious if they pick up the bucket and sponge themselves or do they hand the hose to the professionals?

Turns out the majority would rather give their cars a wash themselves!

So, what do you think of the results? Any surprises? We really loved quizzing our followers with these questions.

Remember to follow us on social media to have your say in the next polls!

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