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4 Tips for Overcoming making Driving Mistakes

Author: Rebecca Aldridge
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Feeling down in the dumps because you made a mistake in your lesson? Please try not to be! Making mistakes while learning is totally normal. The process of learning involves making mistakes.

There are ways of overcoming making driving mistakes and also using them to your own advantage. We have put together some tips on how you can do this!

1) Learn from it

This is the best thing you can do to get over making that driving mistake. You will have it nailed in no time if you keep practising this mistake in your own time. 

You may continue to make this driving mistake as you keep practising it, but its important to not give up on it. Keep practising it and don’t be afraid to make these mistakes. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

The most effective way to learn is to learn from your mistakes as you are determined to fix them. Do as much practice as you can and don't hesitate to ask your instructor for extra tips on what you did wrong.

An older man sat in the front passenger seat of a car instructing a young learner driver

2) Talk to your Driving Instructor

Being open and honest with your driving instructor about how you are feeling is also very important. No matter what driving mistake you made, they are here to help you, so don't be afraid to ask them!

They can give you some tips and offer extra practice and show you different techniques to help you nail this mistake and also build that confidence back up which was perhaps lost. 

A close up of an L plate sticker on the rear of a car whilst an instructor talks to the driver about their performance

3) Don’t bottle it up!

It is easy to overthink lots of different things when you make one mistake. One little mistake can lead people into thinking they perhaps ‘aren't made for driving’ or ‘can't do it’. Well, that simply isn't true! 

It is very important to talk with family and friends about the mistakes you have made. Chances are, they have also made similar mistakes when they were learning. Being open and honest about your feelings about making this mistake is important to help you move on from it and then you can start perfecting it! 

Remember, the people around you will be rooting for you so talking with them and getting their advice is an important way for you to accept the mistake and start learning and moving on from it. 

A woman sat crying in her car with her head in her hands

4) Everyone was a learner once!

You may find it embarrassing when you make a mistake, especially if another road user beeps their horn at you! Try to ignore this, and instead remember that these road users were once learners themselves. 

Everyone has to start somewhere, so so what if you stall a few times on a hill? It is totally normal and part of every learner driver's journey. Try not to be bothered about other road users. Normally, most are understanding as they were once in your shoes making the same mistakes!

An image of two people in a car designed to illustrate the concept of road rage

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