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Toyota V2 GT86 – Safely Insured Customer Car

Author: Rebecca Aldridge
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We are here to bring you a customer car blog about the Toyota VT GT86 which is owned by one of our customers Sam.

One of the many things we love doing here at Safely Insured is sharing our amazing customers’ cars and their stories. So, let's hear all about the unique and beautiful Toyota VT GT86!

How did Sam get into modifying cars?

Red Toyota on a Car Park Rooftop at Sunset

Sam has been into modifying cars since he got his first car which he describes as the ‘mighty Clio’ ‘Like a lot of people, I got into modifying cars thanks to my dad who quickly talked me into fitting a cold air intake on my first ever car’

His passion for modifying cars took off from there. Since modifying his first car, he has not stopped modifying every car that he has owned!

He told us why modifying cars is such an important hobby of his ‘I enjoy making them my own and it is unique to me! Plus, as a big hobby of mine (a very expensive one!) it's good to get away from the stress of daily work life but also feel like I’m doing something productive and working on a project.’

Impressively, Sam has done all the modifications on his car himself apart from the wrap! He said 'I love to learn new skills and that way I know everything's done to a standard I'm happy with!' Take a look below to see his impressive modifications!

Toyota V2 GT86 Modification List

Toyota V2 GT86 on a ferry

Need some inspiration on modifications for your car? Look no further, take a look at our customer’s list of impressive modifications for the Toyota V2 GT86.

Suspension, Wheels & Brakes:

  • Airlift Performance 3p Suspension
  • Driftworks Rear Control arms
  • Whiteline Front & Rear Anti Roll bars
  • Work Meister M1 Wheels 18x9.5 -21 (Front), 18x11 -27 (Rear)
  • PB Brakes - 6 pot front, 4 pot rear, 330mm disks all round


  • Rocket bunny V2 Body kit
  • Modified Rocket bunny Diffuser
  • Seibon Carbon Fibre Bonnet
  • Liberty Walk Ducktail Spoiler
  • Vland Headlights
  • Valenti Taillights
  • "Red, Black iridescent" by KPMF full car Wrap


  • HKS Single exit exhaust
  • Mishimoto Cold Air intake
  • CFS Radiator
  • Mishimoto Radiator fans

Toyota V2 GT86

Sam told us a bit about his car which he bought at the start of 2018. When he bought the car, he told us that it had previously been in a slight altercation. However, this didn’t bother him as he had plans to heavily modify this car, so he didn’t want a perfect GT86 to begin with.

He explained a bit more as to why he didn’t want to buy a perfect Toyota V2 GT86 ‘It gave me plenty of room to improve what I started with and do it all guilt-free without the worry of offending someone for "ruining a perfectly good car" and so on, it also allowed me to save some money and enjoy the process of fixing it up along the way.’

Sam hasn’t finished with his car, as he told us he has more plans to improve it even more! His next big project is an engine swap, which we look forward to seeing!

A red car

More about Sam’s Story

Other than the engine swap for his Toyota, we also asked Sam if he had any plans or projects in the future lined up ‘I'd like to pick up another car as a Classic restoration project or a track-car project’

Sam told us what he gets up to with his car in his spare time ‘Often I’m just working on my car in my spare time or heading out to Car shows and meets, and a chill cars & coffee morning is always good fun!’

Sam is also a part of a few car clubs such as his local Japanese car club called ‘Just Jap’ and some larger ones too such as ‘Piston heads’ and more!

Everyone has their own dream car, so we asked Sam what his one was ‘This answer has always changed over the years, I’ve always loved Japanese cars above all but my dream cars have mellowed out over the years, it used to be something like a Lexus LFA then an R34 Skyline, but these days I just dream to have my car, to the absolute peak of what I can achieve with it, that or something old school cool like a Datsun 240z with a rowdy engine in it!’

Red Toyota V2 GT86 Customer Car

Thank you to our customer Sam, who kindly let us share his story!

Make sure to give Sam's Instagram account a follow to stay up to date with his new modification which we hope to see soon!

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