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Modified Ford Fiesta ST200

Author: Rebecca Aldridge
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We catch up with one of our Customers Steve, who tells us all about his Limited Edition Ford Fiesta ST200!

Here at Safely Insured, we love to hear about our customers' pride and joys and also learn more about the stories behind these one-of-a-kind cars!


Ford Fiesta ST200

Steve bought this beauty a few years ago. His interest in this car was sparked because of a Ford's sales pitch, which read 'the fastest ever production Fiesta'. 

Shortly after Steve purchased his car, Ford announced that they were adding more cars to the ST200 edition, taking it from 400 to 1200 in the UK.  

Steve told us why this disappointed him and how this move from Ford changed his plans for his Fiesta  "this was a big let down to me as the major reason for buying was the model's exclusivity" he said. From then on, Steve started modifying it to make it unique in his own way! "I decided as the car had lost its investment potential I may as well cut into the bodywork and start modifying it!"

Steve has no major projects in the pipeline for his Ford Fiesta as it is exactly how he wants it! "Visually it's almost exactly as I'd planned (not outrageous, subtle with hints of aggression)."

Modified Ford Fiesta ST200 Driving

Why Modify? 

There is a different story behind how people get into this fun, yet expensive hobby! So, we dig a little deeper and learn more about how our customer Steve got into modifying cars. 

Steve told us what made him want to start modifying cars "In a nutshell, I'd never had the 'perfect car', there was always something that in my opinion could be improved upon either visually or mechanically" 

He then explained how modifying cars is the perfect way to show off your car "by modifying, it expresses your taste, which is always enjoyable and rewarding."

Steve told us he has plans for other cars in the future such as the Toyota GR Yaris "I don't plan on modifying it too much when it arrives so to fill that creative void, I am planning to pick up a MK6 Fiesta 500."

An image of a Modified Ford Fiesta ST200 - a customer car insured with Safely Insured

Ford Fiesta ST200 Modifications

By now, you have probably figured out Steve's car is loaded with modifications. Not only is his car unique due to it being a limited edition Ford Fiesta, but also it carry's even more uniqueness due to the enormous list of modifications it holds!

Steve has impressively done most of these modifications himself! He told us "I generally do most on my own but there is only so much I can do, and sometimes I'm such a perfectionist that my efforts aren't good enough and so the professionals are called in."

Steve gave a special shout-out to this team of professionals who have played a key role in making his car so iconic! "there are too many names to mention who have been part of this build but the major players without a doubt have been Motion Factory Finishes in Stoney Stratford and Alan Farmer at Pumabuild Walsall"

He went on to explain why the professionals should be saluted "These guys have not only put up with my blinkered views on how I want things to look/perform but they've delivered flawlessly every time, I salute them."

Fiesta ST200 Modification List

Lucky for you, we have provided his full list of modifications;


  • Peron silicone inlet hose
  • Garrett Gen2 GTX2860R Turbocharger
  • Peron diverter valve
  • Peron STG4 ECU software
  • Nortech Performance GTX Tubular manifold
  • Nortech 4-port Auxiliary fuel kit
  • Peron Garrett performance Intercooler (475bhp)
  • Peron/Nortech hi-flow de-car Race downpipe
  • Peron/Turbosmart external wastegate
  • Peron hard pipe
  • Forged Wiseco pistons
  • Forged K1 connecting rods
  • Peron silicone boost hose
  • Peron/ITG hi-flow CAIS


  • KAAZ differential (LSD)
  • Full piper racing exhaust
  • KWV3 fully adjustable track performance coilovers
  • Anembo Engineering bespoke hub adapters
  • APRacing 4-pot BBK-Uprated Reyland bells
  • K.Pierce co. bespoke 5-stud hubs
  • m-sport/oz racing super turismo s2000 mag wheels
  • Michelin ps4 tires
  • Mishi catch can
  • Cobb torque mount 
  • Summit upper struct brace
  • Summit rear struct brace
  • VUDU Short shifter
  • Powerflex bushes


  • Full M-sport (TGST) WRC body kit
  • M-Sport CF R5 rear spoiler and brackets
  • CM Composite WRC style bonnet vents
  • Maxton design rear bumper/diffuser
  • MonkeyWrench bespoke custom headlights
  • Mark one graphics livery
  • DC3D bespoke badging
  • DMB overlays
  • BilletBadges bespoke emblem
  • MFF Vinyl elements
  • Ultimate windscreens MK Glazing

A special thank you to our customer Steve who kindly shared a bit more about his car! If you want to see more from Steve, his future projects and of course his amazing Fiesta ST200 then head over to his Instagram @fury400 to stay up to date!

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