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Subaru Impreza Type UK STI

Author: Rebecca Aldridge
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We catch up with another one of our customers this week who tells all about his car. 

This feature is another customer car which has a special feature on our exclusive Safely Insured Trump Cards!

Derrick's Story

We will kick this blog off by finding out as much as possible about our customer Derrick, who owns the beautiful Impreza Type UK STI.

We asked him what made him get into modifying cars and he said ‘I got into modding my cars simply because I love them and love even more to make the car my own. I like my cars to stand out but also ultimately be in the best condition possible!’

Like many car fanatics, Derrick spends his time going to car shows. He said ‘In my spare time I like to get to car shows if any are going on I enjoy looking at other people's inspired builds and generally the car scene is a good and friendly one.’

Subaru Impreza Type UK STI

An image of a Safely Insured Customer Trump Card - Subaru Blue Bomber Impreza

One of Safely Insured's Trump Cards - Derrick's Blue Bomber Impreza

Derrick has owned this car for a whopping 9 years, and what a mark he has made on this car! He told us ‘the reason I bought it was because it was my childhood dream car that I wanted to build to my specification!’

Surprisingly, he told us that his car can sometimes get mixed reactions ‘ most people have good reactions to the car, and some are shocked at what I have done and how good it looks however, it doesn't seem to apparel to the purist who believes nothing but the factory will do!

This Impreza has been featured in the Japanese Performance Magazine which can be seen on Derricks' Instagram @blue_bomber_sti

Plans for the Impreza 

Derrick told us he has some plans for his car in the future ‘ his plans for the car would be to fully forge the engine and build a 600hp engine. And maybe tub the front arches and minimalize the engine bay.’ 

There are no other projects lined up for Derrick currently, however he did mention that he would love a C63 AMG as his daily car!

An image of a Subaru Impreza Type UK STI

Subaru Impreza Type UK STI Modifications

Derrick has kindly shared a full list of modifications! 


  • Charge speed carbon bonnet 
  • Charge speed carbon side skirts 
  • Front splitter
  • Rear wing stiffies 
  • RCM spec C roof vent
  • Karlton flares 
  • Genuine Subaru wind deflectors 


  • Damd steering wheel
  • Rally tech Rear seat delete 
  • Roll cage
  • Corbeau seats
  • CAE shifter
  • Facelift centre console 
  • Hawk jdm red sweeping clocks
  • 6 prosport halo gauges


  • works emotion wheels (11j all round)
  • 3p airlift suspension (air ride)
  • D2 big break kit front. Brembo back


  • Full restoration (bare metal and tinted raptored)
  • Subframes all powder coated
  • Brand new whiteline anti roll bars 
  • Whiteline anti lift kit
  • Whiteline adjustable arms
  • Brand new full bush kit
  • All hubs powder coated 
  • All new bearings
  • Whiteline drop links
  • Full but and bolt restore
  • Whiteline track rod ends.


  • XONA xc2 turbo 
  • 1000cc bosch injectors
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • Turbonsmart actuator
  • Front mount intercooler
  • RCM trumpet with rcm air filter
  • 3port boost solenoid 
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • RCM headers and up pipe 
  • Full group N mount kit. 
  • Competition Clutch
  • Uprated valve springs 
  • Full 3" turbo back custom exhaust
  • Link g4 ecu

A special thank you to derrick for allowing us to share the story of your special car! To stay up to date with Derricks Subaru, be sure to follow his Instagram @blue_bomber_sti