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New Driver Insurance

Obtaining New Driver Insurance should be hassle free. After all those hours of practising driving and all that money spent on lessons, we understand you just want to get out on the road.

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Safely Insured has developed several schemes to suit most types of New Drivers with top insurers, such as Aviva. Safely Insured believe New Drivers should be treated fairly, as we know from our experience with these types of drivers, not all New Drivers are high risk. Many are very confident and considerate drivers.

Safely Insured's New Driver Insurance Schemes include:

  • Black Box Insurance
  • Driver Tips and Safety Alerts
  • Black Box Installation (all costs included in quotation - no hidden extra costs)
  • No Curfews

The Problems New Drivers Face

You may already be aware, or you soon will be, that it can be very expensive for insurance cover when the proposer is a new driver. Most insurance companies categorise 'new drivers' as high risk and statistics prove that a lot of accidents occur when an inexperienced driver is behind the steering wheel. But it does seem a little unfair to penalise all New Drivers with the same premium loadings. That's why, at Safely Insured, our premiums are also based on the mileage you'll need for the year...

What's the Solution? - Black Box Car Insurance

Black Box Car Insurance involves a ‘black box’ being fitted to your vehicle, usually underneath your dashboard. This box measures and records your driving performance data. The data is collected on a number of driving skills, including:

  • your driving speed
  • how smoothly you drive
  • your acceleration levels

This data is then assessed and assigned a driving score. The better you drive, the better your score will be. You will have access to your very own Personalised Online Dashboard, which also provides tips on how to improve your driving.

We explain how Black Box Car Insurance is beneficial to new drivers in our article: 'Why is Black Box Car Insurance so Misunderstood?

“Picking up better driving habits whilst being a young driver enables you to become a more competent and experienced driver in the long run. The more advice and tips given, the more likely you are to take note of them, improving your driving wherever possible along the way. In effect, if you drive well, Black Box Car Insurance will work with you in achieving lower insurance premiums, not work against you.”

For further information, visit our Black Box Insurance webpage.

How Parents / Guardians Can Help New Drivers

In addition to receiving great advice and driving recommendations from the insurer, if you decide to, your parents or guardians can also have a log-in to the Personalised Online Dashboard and assess the data to offer you help to improve your driving.

It all pays off in the long run, because as you become a better driver and earn your own 'No Claims Discount', you should see your future insurance premiums reduce significantly.

Recommended Cars for New Drivers

Have you ever wondered what types of cars are best to insure for a new driver?

At Safely Insured, we have conducted our own research into what the most popular cars amongst new drivers are. The cars we have chosen are more advantageous from an insurance point of view, particularly with New Driver Insurance in mind, due to them having low engine sizes and low insurance group ratings.

When deciding on a car, there are multiple factors to consider. These include:

  • Insurance group
  • Engine size
  • Power of the vehicle
  • Cost of the car
  • Cost of running the car
  • Safety rating
  • Theft risk

After taking into consideration all of these factors, we found that Hatchbacks are the number one choice. This is due to them having lower insurance group ratings and higher safety NCAP ratings, which insurers prefer.

Our Top 3 hatchbacks of choice are:

  • Ford Fiesta (2008-present) "Ford Fiestas are not only good on fuel consumption, they also look good. They come in a variety of different colours including Maroon, Blue, Green and Red." You can also benefit from a system that prevents you from mis-fuelling in addition to 'keyless entry'.
  • Vauxhall Corsa (2006-2014) "Vauxhall Corsas are extremely popular. In 2014, over 80,000 Corsas were sold in the UK. You don't sell that many cars without a good reputation - the Vauxhall Corsa is a great first car."
  • Renault Clio (2005-2012) "In addition to low insurance group ratings, the Renault Clio is also recommended in terms of safety, which is always of importance. The NCAP Safety rating for an 'Adult Occupant' is 5*. This is the highest safety rating NCAP can apply."

For further information, read our ‘Recommended Cars for New Drivers’ blog post.

We Can Help...

Looking for insurance for a new driver can be time consuming and stressful. We understand this. That’s why we try and provide you with as much information before you call as possible. Once you call, we listen and answer any questions you may have, based on your specific needs and requirements. That way you can make an informed decision as to what’s the best policy option for you.

Call us today for a quote on a New Driver Insurance policy.

FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any age restrictions on the schemes?

    Yes, you have to be between the ages of 17-25.

  • Can I keep track of my own driving performance data?

    ou will be provided access to your own Personal Online Dashboard. This dashboard will display your driving data and list everything your doing right in addition to everything you need to improve upon. It will also provide you with your driving score.

  • Will my policy be cancelled if I make driving errors?

    No, only in extreme circumstances. You will be notified via a 'warning' each time you make a serious mistake. The scheme allows for a certain amount of leniency.

  • Will anyone else be able to see my driving data?

    No, just us, the insurance company and yourself (and your parents / guardians if they have access also). Your data will not be sold on. The only other people who have the right to view the data is the police, upon request.