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How Fast Day 2015

How Fast Day 2015
Sophie Cloud
  • On November 4, 2015

The Evo Magazine ‘How Fast Day’ took place last Saturday, the 31st of October, at The Bedford Autodrome. The staff of Safely Insured and their guests took part, bringing along an array of fast cars and pushing them to the max – for us it was the track day of the year (one which we could not contain our excitement for).

The day consisted of adrenaline fuelled laps accompanied by some high speed, competitive driving skills.

We’ve had so much fun sponsoring the Evo Track events throughout this year, although we don’t mind admitting, this was the event we were secretly most looking forward to!

From a Dodge Viper to a Porsche GT3 RS, the event  was home to a variety of Marques and models, for all avid car fans to enjoy. As well as putting their foot down around the track, people also enjoyed conversing with one another regarding their shared passion – the love of cars. Engines revved and conversation flowed – it really was a great day out, for all to enjoy (even for those spectating).

We at Safely Insured loved talking to insurers we invited out for the day as well as the staff from Evo Magazine and their customers. You really get to know the person behind the wheel, rather than just the wheel itself.

Evo Magazine - How Fast Day - CarsEvo Magazine - How Fast Day - CarsEVO - How Fast Day

How Fast Day

The ‘How Fast Day’ itself consisted of 4 sessions, each lasting two hours. The participants had an hour to do practice runs around the track, getting to grips with the layout and testing out their cars’ limits. They then had 3 laps each to achieve the best lap time. Each time was conducted in a similar fashion to that of ‘F1-style qualifying timed laps’.

The overall winner of the four sessions was Duncan Cowper, in one of his Dax Rush models. He scored an amazing 1:14:593 – nearly a whole 10 seconds quicker than the winner of the final session: The evo 420r Caterham, which scored an impressive time of 1:24:377, driven by Nick Trott, editor of Evo Magazine.

How Fast Day - Evo 420r - Caterham

evo 420r – Caterham

Alex Kersten - How Fast DayPictured above is Nick Trott from Evo Magazine and Paul, our Marketing Manager here at Sky. As you can see, I think Paul loved the ride just as much as the car loves the track.

As well as the Caterham, our insurers and guests also got great lap times. Christophe from Kindertons, who was driving the Audi R8, got a time of 1:28:532. Alan from ERS was in his Ford Fiesta ST and achieved a time of 1:37:146.

We also invited Alex Kersten from Car Throttle who scored a time of 1:39:805. Pictured right, with his beloved Mazda!

Other members of the Sky team also went out on track. I, myself, went out in the Audi R8, as did David, our operations director. Alex and Luke, from the sales team also went out in the R8 as well as the BMW E36 M3.

Each and every one of us were filled with adrenaline after we had pulled back into the pits.

How Fast Day in association with evo Magazine

Audi R8

The rush from the power of a v10, out on a track like The Bedford Autodrome, is something else!


The final session also saw two of the infamous Driftworks drivers, Phil Morrison and James Robinson, take to the track in their BMWs. The E36 M3 and the E90. Phil came a close second behind evo, with a time of 1:26:109. James wasn’t far behind either with a time of 1:27:752. Great effort from the team at Driftworks!

For a full list of the lap times, you can visit the Evo Magazine website.

Cars on Track

A wonderful variety of cars joined us on track on the day. The cars included; an Audi R8, Caterham, Porsche GT3 RS, Ford Fiesta ST, Toyota Supra, Dodge Viper, Mitsubishi Evo and many, many more. With lap times varying from 1:14:593 to 1:42:216, the range of power was also astonishing. You didn’t even need to wear a coat on the day, you could just stand in the pits with the cars that had just been out on track. The warmth from their tyres and engines kept you warm!

Evo - How Fast Day

Porsche GT3 RS

A huge thank you to everyone at evo Magazine for an event no-one will be forgetting for a while, for all the right reasons!


For more pictures from the event, you can visit our Facebook or Evo Track Events 2015 pages. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for some fast paced, tyre screeching footage!

If you’d like to read more about the other evo events throughout 2015, check out our recent blog post. For any information relating to modified car or performance car insurance, visit the Safely Insured website.