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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Safely Insured | January 16, 2022

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Craig's modified Ford Focus RS: Customer Car of the Year 2018 winner!

Craig’s modified Ford Focus RS: Customer Car of the Year 2018 winner!
Sophie Cloud
  • On January 21, 2019

Craig’s extensively modified Ford Focus RS recently won our ‘Customer Car of the Year 2018’ competition. What a worthy winner!

This car has been modified beyond belief. To say it’s his pride and joy would quite literally be an understatement. The amount of dedication, work and imagination that has gone into this car is quite remarkable. Craig has never given up on his dream, and he’s not about to start now…

Ford Focus RS: The Modifications

Ford Focus RS

Before and after

  • Carbon Fibre Wing Rails
  • WRC Bonnet Vents
  • Streamline Carbon Interior
  • Custom Wrap by Blueprint
  • Roose Boost and Coolant Hose
  • Jamsport Orange Roll Cage
  • Lightweight Carbon Bucket Seats
  • Roof Wrapped by Blueprint
  • Aerocatches
  • ARP Uprated Head Bolts
  • Custom Boot Carpet by Streamline
  • BTCC Front Bumper and Wings
  • TTV Twin Plate Paddle Clutch
  • JS Custom Big Crossover Pipe
  • BC Racing Coilovers
  • Momo Snap Off Steering Wheel
  • Whiteline Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars
  • Whiteline Full Poly Bush Kit
  • Ferodo Endurance Pads
  •  Seat Harnesses
  • Vibratechnics Gearbox Torque Link
  • 18″ Compomotive Allots and AD08R Tyres
  • JS Oil Breather Kit
  • JS Oil Cooler
  • 44M Tial Wastegate
  • Screamer Pipe
  • Uprated Bigger Radiator
  • Stage 2 Cams
  • Autospecialist Chrome Parts
  • Carbon Fibre Battery Cover
  • Running 670bhp 702 torque
  • Running EMU Engine Management
  • Airtec Stage 3 Intercooler
  • Garret GTX3586R Turbo
  • Bigger Exhaust Housing on Turbo
  • Tubular Manifold
  • 3J Platted Dif
  • Uprated Valve Springs
  • Oversized Forged Pistons and Rods
  • Monkeywrench Bespoke Lights
  • Ported, Polished and Gas Flowed Head
  • NGK9 Spark Plugs
  • Billet Anembo Inlet Manifold
  • JS 1000cc Injectors
  • JS Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Uprated and Oversized Valves
  • JS Big External Fuel System
  • JS 2.5 Enlarged Boost Pipes

About Craig

Ford Focus RS

I would like to thank Jamsport for all the work they do on my car. Monkeywrench bespoke for my custom headlights. Smartclean detailing for detailing my car ready for all the shows. Blueprint Nottingham for the wrap. As well as: SCC performance, Auto Specialists, and Jason Lavender of Kleers.

The reason for modifying my car was down to Jamsport, Dean Lewis and Nick Moore. When I bought the car it already had 500 BHP and I was happy with that, but I knew there was something missing. I wanted to keep the car moving forward and evolving, much like Dean and Nick who are at the forefront of the Ford scene at the time.

Ford Focus RS

My name’s Craig, I’m 47, and I’m a chef who loves playing badminton. My main passion is cars though, of course. I love taking the car to meets / shows and receiving lots of nice comments about the work that has been done to it.

I first started modifying cars when I was 20 years old and owned an old Ford Fiesta XR2. I didn’t go overboard on it, but I did a small amount of modification work – mainly visual mods. Since then, I’ve never really looked back. Every car I’ve ever had has always been heavily modified. The biggest projects to date would have been my Ford Escort RS Turbo and my MR2 turbo. I spent a lot of money on them, with both running a fairly high bhp. My Escort, at the time of selling, was running 350 bhp and my MR2 turbo was running 500bhp. This time, the money was spent on performance and looks.

As for shows, I try to attend as many as I can throughout the year but sometimes this can be difficult because of my job. Even if I can’t go, I have friends that can take the car for me. I like Ford Fair, Trax, and Fast Show. I attend all the Time Attack events and I go to a lot of car meets (cruises) with my close friends.

If I was to give advice to anyone who wants to modify a car for the first time, it would be to do it for yourself and not to do it for others. Do not be pressurised into doing things on your car that you don’t actually want to do. If you are happy with how the car is at the end of day, that’s all that matters. Remember, you can’t please everybody.

Safely Insured have always been brilliant to me. There’s never been an issue. Whenever I ring them, they have always given me great advice and the insurance quotes have always been very competitive. They have never been beaten on price and that’s why I’ve been with Safely Insured for the last four years.

Ford Focus RS*views expressed within this section of the article are those of the customer, not Safely Insured.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations, again, to Craig. What a worthy winner of the ‘Safely Insured Customer Car of the Year 2018’ competition. All that’s left to say now is watch this space – a feature video will be published soon!

Modified Car Insurance

Safely Insured are specialists when it comes to insuring heavily modified cars, such as Craig’s Focus RS. That’s why we’ve been able to set-up specialist modified car insurance schemes. Within these types of schemes, we can offer:

  • Like-for-like modifications cover
  • Agreed valuations cover
  • Second car discounts
  • Limited mileage discounts

If you would like to find out more information, just visit our Modified Car Insurance webpage.

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