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The results: Customer Car of the Year 2018

The results: Customer Car of the Year 2018
Sophie Cloud
  • On January 10, 2019

The Customer Car of the Year 2018 competition was a success! With 12 beautiful cars to choose from, it couldn’t have been easy to decide who you wanted to win. With that being said, you were only allowed to vote once. You had to make that vote count.

The Customer Car of the Year 2018 results

Here’s the 12 customer cars that made it to the voting stage of the competition…

Car of the year 2018

If you haven’t seen the results already, have a quick guess who you think came in first position… no cheating – don’t scroll down to find out the result until you’ve had a guess!

Okay, are you ready? Here’s the final results…

Customer Car of the year 2018 - results

Here they are again for you:

  1. Craig’s Ford Focus RS – 172 votes
  2. Matthew’s Mazda RX-7 FD3S RS-R – 141 votes
  3. Alex’s Toyota JZX100 Chaser – 49 votes
  4. Shawn’s Toyota Supra – 33 votes
  5. Stephen’s Subaru WRX-S (prodrive edition) – 23 votes
  6. Chris’ Toyota Supra – 22 votes
  7. Indy’s Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth – 18 votes
  8. Sean’s Nissan Stagea – 15 votes
  9. Lee’s Mk1.5 Ford Focus Zetec – 8 votes
  10. Ed’s Nissan 200sx S14a – 5 votes
  11. Jamie’s Seat Leon Cupra – 4 votes
  12. Lee’s Honda Integra Type R (DC5) – 3 votes

If you didn’t get a chance to vote but want to see more about each of the above cars, just click here.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winner, Craig, again. Well done for all of your hard work into turning your car into a modified masterpiece. We also want to say a huge thanks to everyone who took part – every car was a worthy winner in our eyes!

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