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Customer Car Feature: Chris’ Liquid Azure Blue Ford Focus RS MK2

Customer Car Feature: Chris’ Liquid Azure Blue Ford Focus RS MK2
Tina Playle
  • On October 1, 2020

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Ford is one of the most popular car makes we put on cover. For good reason too, the Ford Focus RS never fails to get us excited.

Unfortunately, it was announced back in April that Ford have no plans to build another Focus RS. But fear not, as long as they’re on the roads, the end of the era isn’t in sight.

We know better than anyone that each owner has a list of mods which makes their Focus RS both visually unique and technically impressive. This includes our first year Safely Insured customer Chris, who will be sharing the story of his award-winning Ford Focus RS MK2.

Let’s start with the extensive list of modifications:

Chris’ Ford Focus RS MK2 – The Modifications

A photo collage of Chris' Liquid Azure Blue Ford Focus RS MK2 insured by Safely Insured


Forged Wisco Pistons and H Section Rods

JWR Stage 2 Camshafts with uprated Springs / Retainers

Flowed and polished head by Devil Developments

Kevlar timing belt

Athena WRC head gasket

Precision 6466 Turbo on titanium tubular manifold with external waste gate and screamer pipe

ARP head stud kit

Custom painted Anembo inlet manifold

1000cc injectors

Devils in take uprated fuel pupms

Syvecs ECU fitted and mapped by Devil Developments

Xtreme single plate carbon clutch

Air / Water Cooling:-

Spec-R intercooler & hard pipes, oil breather system / filter housing, radiator and oil cooler

K&N Extreme air filter with custom AS crossover pipe


Full turbo back de-cat Milltek system with titanium tips

Powerflex Exhaust mounts throughout

Suspension / Breaking:-

Custom painted Ksport 380mm super 8 fronts

Custom painted Ksport 330mm 4 pot rears

Full complement of summit chassis bracing (painted blue to match car)

Whiteline rear ARB

A&K adjustable drop links

Hard race lower gearbox mount, front wishbones & ball joints, upper and lower rear arms and upper gearbox mount

BC-ER coil over suspension

Engine Dress up:-

Fully painted & airbrushed engine plastics

Spec-R power steering tank

Spec-R water header tank

Roose Motorsport coolant and ancillary hoses

JWR Carbon front strut brace


BC-RS04 custom ET38 offset 19” Bronze alloy wheels.

Full Azure blue re-spray

Monkey Wrench custom headlights, custom mirror indicators & custom front fog lights

All exterior RS logos air brushed

All exterior plastics painted black


Custom dashboard gauge pod with 3x Defi gauges.

Forge Carbon Steering Wheel, Seat Base Plates and Door entry Cills

Custom Dials by SJ Conversions

Interior De-chromed (all std chrome items painted stain black)

Sat Nav changed to matching black Ford item.

Q and A with Chris

Give us some background on your Ford Focus RS MK2 – how long have you owned it and what made you want to buy it?

I have owned my Ford Focus RS MK2 since 2012 and it’s my second one. The reason I bought the current car was that I had a frozen white example brand new, which I sold to scratch an Audi RS4 itch. Regretting my decision, I sourced my current MK2 RS.

How did you get into modifying the cars you’ve owned and why do you love it?

I got into cars from my Dad who has always been into Lotus. Since my childhood I have always been around cars and once I got my first car, modding was always in my blood. It seems every car I have owned has been tweaked to make it stand out in a subtle way.

How do people react to it?

People always ask if my RS is wrapped because it’s been painted a unique colour.  It seems a lot of people don’t believe that you can still paint cars a different colour. The general reaction is amazement at the level of detail that has been gone into on the car.

Has your car been featured or used in any special events?

My car was a Fast Ford magazine feature car in 2016 and also won Fast Ford magazine’s show car of the year award in 2017 at ford fair.

What are your future plans for your Ford Focus RS MK2?

My current plans for the car after the Covid-19 filled year of 2020 is to get out and enjoy it. At the end of 2019, I had a larger turbo fitted to the car. The car now makes 689bhp on pump fuel without the assistance of water meth.

Have you got your eye on any other cars/projects?

I would love to buy a 2020 Shelby GT500, I just wish they came in RHD, the only car I would sell my MK2 to buy. I also like the idea of having a 718 Cayman alongside my RS.

A photo collage of Chris' Liquid Azure Blue Ford Focus RS MK2 insured by Safely Insured in Ford Magazine

To see more of Chris’ Ford Focus RS MK2, follow him on Instagram at @azure_rs to join him on his modifying journey!  

Insurance for a Modified Ford Focus RS MK2

Even though there won’t be any newly designed Ford Focus RS’ on the market, as long as cars like Chris’ are out there, the legacy lives on.

Above all, we celebrate specialist cars like this Ford Focus RS MK2, which is why we don’t penalise anybody for their modifications.

Such extensive work deserves to have the right protection. Our modified and imported car insurance policies cater for different needs compared to a standard car insurance policy. We can offer:

  • Left Hand Drive Car Cover
  • Cover for Imported 4x4s
  • Young Driver Friendly Cover (aged 19 or over with two years driving exp.)
  • Modification Cover
  • Breakdown Cover

Check out our Modified Car Insurance page further information.

More Information: Safely Insured Website | Insurance for a Ford | Get a Quote | Call Us


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